Pistachio is a popular nut snack esspecially in China. Its versatility as a novel flavour makes it extendable across categories to lure consumers with a new and exciting flavour profile.


  • Make food trendy & decadent with pistachio

Snack products can leverage pistachio cream to offer a luxurious novel flavour, as well as a trendy image. Furthermore, brands can leverage the iconic colour of pistachio to stand out.

  • Pistachio non-dairy drink has potential

Pistachio milk, ice cream, joghurts, drinks, chocolate  is emerging and can appeal to consumers as a new offering.


Pistachio has huge growth potential

  • Nutritious nut

Pistachio is known as a popular nut with high nutrition value. They are cholesterol-free and a great source of vitamins and minerals. 48% of  consumers are willing to pay more for nuts and seeds that supplement certain nutrients.


  • Appetizing colour

Pistachio’s green colour gives it a strong visual cue, making it engaging and easily recognised. It has spread on social media and ecommerce platforms, and could play an active role in exerting the Mintel Trend.


Pistachio add a sense of luxury in a varitey of categories.


Leverage this  favourite nut in more categories

Pistachio is among the most consumed nuts by Chinese consumers and beyond, yet this isn’t reflected in wider product innovation. According to a study, pistachio only accounted for 4% of total nut/seed-based new snack launches in the past two years, and pistachio flavour is used even less in categories such as bakery and groceries. It deserves more attention.

There is potential in China to use pistachio in more products to enhance appeal and fuel this emerging trend. Food and drink brands could take inspiration from other markets such as Japan, where pistachio products are popular.


Pistachio cream has enjoyed strong growth in global new food product launches globally over the last three years. The application of pistachio cream adds a luxurious, versatile element to more food categories, and also establishes pistachio as a signature ingredient. This trend began within bakery and desserts, and is now seen to be expanding into adjacent categories such as dairy, ice cream and drinks.




Pistachio‘s vivid green colouration makes it perfect for standing out on shelf.

Food and drink products could make pistachio a signature ingredient by highlighting its iconic colour. Moreover, products could leverage the visual cues of pistachio to appeal to consumers who seek trendy snacks.



Pistachio is known as a popular nut snack among consumers. However, pistachio flavour remains niche. In addition to its well-received nutritional value, pistachio’s vivid green colouration also gives it a strong visual cue, which makes it engaging with strong standout. By embracing pistachio’s format potential (such as pistachio cream, pistachio bits), food and drink brands could develop novel-flavoured products to leverage this emerging trend.