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The power of taste to increase the improvement of drug consumption

Flavours Factory creates products that meet the unique needs of drug manufacturers.

Beverage trends 2023

Flavours Factory has developed several new beverage flavors that will not only meet consumer demands, but will be a trend this season

Flavour innovations: pleasure and escapism

Talking about indulgence is extremely timely, with the world slowly adapting to the new normal reality following pandemic-imposed lockdowns and increasing costs of living. In this context, indulgence in food...
Chemia przyjazna człowiekowi Flavours Factory

Human-friendly chemistry ‘chemophobia’

Human-friendly chemistry, i.e. the fight against ‘chemophobia’ In recent years, a large increase in interest in healthy food has been observed. More and more people pay attention to the diet...

History of food flavours in Poland and in the world

History of food flavours in Poland and in the world HISTORY OF FOOD FLAVOURS Since the beginning of time, man has been striving to improve the taste and smell of...

Customers bet on original tastes!

Customers bet on original tastes! Year 2020, as market research shows, will definitely be the year of innovation in the confectionery industry and the introduction of new flavours on the...
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