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Flavours Factory is a Polish company specialising in the creation and production of flavours for the food industry.

We hire the best flavour creators from France, Italy and Poland.

Highly specialised staff, well-equipped laboratory, openness to world news and market trends – it all makes Flavours Factory one of the leaders on the food flavours market.

Years of experience in many areas of food production allows us to take a comprehensive look at the changing market conditions and react to the emerging needs of our customers.




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The basis of the company’s market success is the success of our customers. We promote business dialogue as an effective way to achieve the goal.


We strive to ensure that the flavours we create are perceived as innovative, qualitatively perfect and available all over the world.


We love nature and we notice changes taking place in the world. We create flavours and food of the future, reaching for tradition and history.


We have almost 20 years of experience in the food additive industry.

Flavours Factory Sp. z o.o. is part of the Food Ingredients Group, which consists of five global companies.

FIG operates in over 70 countries and currently employs nearly 400 people.

The potential, diligently chosen product offer and the highest quality of products have resulted in the interest of companies around the world and global export.

The group’s products are sold to over 50 countries on three continents: Europe, Asia and North America.

We systematically reach potential recipients and expand the list of satisfied and loyal customers. We also strive to service our contractors, observing the principles of business integrity.

Wojciech Stankiewicz CEO Flavours Factory

Wojciech Stankiewicz

CEO Flavours Factory

Beata Zagroba COO Flavours Factory

Beata Zagroba

COO Flavours Factory


The needs of our clients are the most important for us.

The overarching strategy of cooperation is to get to know them, thoroughly analyse the possibilities and create a ready solution together with them. In the whole process of creation, we actively engage flavour creators, analysts and marketers. The final product stage, before it reaches the intended production effect, is preceded by over a dozen technological tests.

They trusted us

  • ‘With Flavors Factory we have created one of the most innovative flavours in the history of our company.’

  • ‘We rely on the intuition and unusual skills of flavour designers from Flavours Factory.’