The power of taste to increase the improvement of drug consumption

In recent years, the pharmaceutical market has undergone a significant change in terms of the form and taste of medicines. Drug manufacturers are increasingly offering different dosage forms, such as tablets and capsules, as well as more patient-friendly forms, like syrups and gels. Many pharmaceutical companies are also working on improving the taste of drugs to make them easier to use, especially for children.

A number of companies have launched  medicines  in the form of candies or chewing gums. Thanks to it, they have a more pleasant taste and are easier for children to take. The pharmaceutical company Pfizer has also introduced flavoured prescription pills that are easier to swallow and have the taste of wild strawberry, strawberry, apple and lemon.





The pharmaceutical market  is more often reaching for solutions in the  new form of tablet production. The innovative type are currently jelly beans or sachets. This form allows for easier medication, especially for people who have difficulty with swallowing traditional tablets. Each of these dosages has the advantages, as well as disadvantages.

The final decision depends primarily on the needs and preferences of the patients. Another plus, Jelly beans and sachets are easier to swallow than traditional tablets and  allow for easier dosage. Our natural flavours can certainly improve the taste of pharmaceutical products. What is more, the taste of the preparation has an impact on the patient’s tendency to take it.

Therefore,  Flavour Factory creates products that meet the unique needs of drug manufacturers. The pharmaceutical company should use flavours that will help increase the attractiveness of the product. It will be beneficial for the customer, while not having the negative impact on  the effectiveness of therapy.


It is also important for us to maintain regular contact with customers and obtain feedback from existing recipients. In this way, we have a chance to quickly respond to changing market needs and adapt the offer to the requirements of our customers.

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