Savoury flavours

are unique compositions inspired by the needs of producers, customers, exoticism and cultural influences. They are mainly used in:

  • meat products
  • vegetable products
  • fish products
  • ready-made and frozen food
  • soups and broths
  • sauces
  • instant dishes
  • snacks (chips, saltsticks)

We specialise in the production of top note premium savoury flavours, which are highly concentrated and efficient.

Food flavour


Description: aroma of crispy, fried bacon with a noticeable fat aftertaste; light in taste
Use: seasonal products, meat products
cat. no. 500.006

TOP NOTE food flavour

Roast beef

Description: very meaty with a distinct roast note
Use: meat products, cold meat
cat. no. 900.158

Flavours Factory producent aromatów top note
Flavours Factory producent aromatów spożywczych
TOP NOTE food flavour

Cooked chicken

Description: distinct, meaty and sweet aroma of cooked chicken skin
Use: broths, soups, ready meals, chicken ham
cat. no. 900.157

TOP NOTE food flavour

Roast chicken

Description: crisp white meat with a roasting note
Use: ideal for seasonal snacks and chicken ham
cat. no. 900.148

Flavours Factory producent aromatów spożywczych top note
Flavours Factory producent aromatów spożywczych
TOP NOTE food flavour

Butter cream

Description: very creamy, fresh and natural with masking properties
Use: cream, seasonal cheese
cat. no. 900.145

Food flavour

Roast garlic

Description: aroma of roast, sweet and caramelised garlic
Use: tomato sauce, Philadelphia cheese, meatballs
cat. no. 540.012

grzyby leśne aromat spożywczy Flavours Factory
Food flavour

Forest mushrooms

Description: aroma of the cooked Boletus edible; sweet, caramelised, oily
Use: sauces
cat. no. 540.041

Food flavour

Duck meat

Description: duck meat flavour, meaty, fat, typical of roast duck meat
Use: meat products, sauces, seasoning, snacks
cat. no. 900.110

kaczka pieczona aromat spożywczy Flavours Factory
Aromat kurczaka gotowanego Flavours Factory
Food flavour

Chicken meat

Description: aroma of cooked chicken, with a noticeable skin aftertaste
Use: meat products, seasoning, sauces
cat. no. 500.076

Food flavour

Roast butter

Description: buttery, slightly burnt aroma
Use: dairy (margarine), confectionery, bakery, meat products
cat. no. 200.023

masło palone aromat spożywczy Flavours Factory
Food flavour


Description: roast meat aroma, typical of pork in gravy
Use: meat industry
cat. no. 500.000

Food flavour


Description: spicy, sharp aroma, typical of mustard
Use: meat industry, oily sauces
cat. no. 200.060

musztarda aromat spożywczy Flavours Factory
pomidor aromat spożywczy Flavours Factory
Food flavour


Description: aroma of ripe, juicy, tomato purée with a very sweet hint of dried tomatoes
Use: sauces, meat and vegetable dishes
cat. no. 900.149

Food flavour

Soup seasoning

Description: similar to Maggi spice for soups
Use: sauces, soups
cat. no. 570.006

przyprawa do zup aromat spożywczy Flavours Factory
ser typu gouda aromat spożywczy Flavours Factory
Food flavour

Gouda-type cheese

Description: milky, creamy, full, ripe aroma of the Gouda-type cheese
Use: baked goods, snacks, meat products, dairy
cat. no. 570.011

Food flavour


Description: very meaty, roasty, caramelised aroma with a taste of beef fat
Use: meat and vege products, sauces
cat. no. 500.061

wołowina aromat spożywczy Flavours Factory
Food flavour

Grilled beef

Description: similar to McDonald’s Big Tasty sauce
Use: sauces, meat and vege products
cat. no. 500.028

Aromat spożywczy


Description: intense, spicy aroma
Use: meat products, sauces
cat. no. 540.006

wasabi aromat spożywczy Flavours Factory

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