Customers bet on original tastes!

Year 2020, as market research shows, will definitely be the year of innovation in the confectionery industry and the introduction of new flavours on the domestic and foreign market. Apart from it, the main directions of development include sophisticated combinations and an increase in sales of premium sweets. Manufacturers are inspired by Asian flavours, which until now were not present on our domestic market. Analysing import data, we tend to try to create flavours that are trendy and generate the highest levels of sales.

All Polish confectionery producers emphasise that they are going to fight for the customer by the use of innovation. And this is not just about taste, but also about the skillful combination of the overall shape of the product with its unusual packaging.

It is worth noticing that nowadays customers are less price-sensitive and more eager to spend money when receiving excellent quality sweets from the premium shelf in return.

Flavours Factory closely monitors changing preferences, which is why we create flavours based on market requirements.

We are open for inspiration and newness, therefore we reach for Asian flavours such as mango, papaya and dragon fruit, offering our clients proven application recipes and we are able to meet the needs of the most demanding clients.