Innovations in food flavours

Salt enhancer plus SET Flavours

Salt Enhancement Technology gives the possibility to replace from 25 to 40% of salt in selected finished products without undesirable effects on taste and aftertaste.
It is very clean, transparent and efficient technology!
The technological process is thermally stable and does not affect the taste profile of the final product.
The Salt Enhancement Technology solution is one of the best ways to obtain a salty taste from those available on the market!We recommend using the Salt Enhancer A1402 powder combination with a liquid version of Salt Enhancer (recommended doses: 0.3% and 0.1%, respectively). Modern and innovative technology is based on a unique, perfectly balanced combination of natural ingredients that reproduce the sensory effect of salt – and these are not just umami and kokumi notes.
Laboratory-tested processes guarantee better taste with less salt, replacing the remainder with the natural flavour of Flavours Factory.

Innovations in food flavours

Fat Replacer NAT

Reducing fat in a diet is a major goal for many customers. Nutrition trends and recommendations of social groups promoting a healthy lifestyle make the society choose products which are naturally low-fat. Also, there is a rapid grow in the production of ready-made food and drinks with reduced or no fat.
We have developed Fat Replacer NAT which allows to replace 25% of fat or oil in a finished product such as a sausage or sauce.
It can also be sucessfully used in confectionery, bread and bakery mixes, frozen desserts and milk mixes, nut products, cereal products, pasta, granola, snack bars and sauces.
Finished product with a guarantee of maintaining the pleasure of tasting.
Declaration: natural aroma

Innovations in food flavours


The meat processing market clearly communicates its needs, which result from changing customer habits as well as shopping opportunities. We have been conducting research for many years in the R&D Flavours Factory department to create innovative flavours that will guarantee a characteristic taste and also cover unwanted notes.
One of the effects is the M-masker flavour, which significantly improves the taste and aroma of meat products using MOM.


Innovations in food flavours


Flavour creators have been working intensively for years on methods that will neutralise undesirable notes of sweeteners.
Changing nutritional trends mean that the demand for low-sugar, dietary drinks, meal replacements and dietary supplements is growing. This is due to the need to scientifically develop masking agents designed to modulate taste and create dedicated flavour profiles.
At Flavours Factory, we have been conducting research giving measurable effects of S-masker flavours, which are successfully used in the above-mentioned industries. The flavour perfectly conceals the aftertaste of chemical sweeteners.

Flavours Factory aromaty spożywcze innowacyjne

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